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How To Calculate Roof Shingles

By on October 31, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

This will make sure that your roof is protecting your house. If your roof is broken severely by a wind storm, snow storm, or other climate function you ought to have it inspected and repaired as soon as achievable. For instance, if a wind storm has lifted or taken out any of your shingles this […]

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How To Install Asphalt Roof Shingles

By on October 28, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

People often think of dream homes as those neat, crisp-looking houses with brick walls and triangular roofs. Such is a classic picture of what people imagine homes should be like. And this effect can be achieved with a home roofed with asphalt roofing shingles. Asphalt shingles have become quite so popular when it comes to […]

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House Plans With Hip Roof

By on October 26, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Log cabin house plans will be used to build a rustic cabin made with wood logs or log-like materials. Log cabin house plans can be simple four-corner structures that remind us of the old shelters of long ago or the log cabin floor plans can be used to build a modern sophisticated structure. When one […]

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How To Design A Garden

By on October 24, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

When designing small area gardens does have some of its own special challenges, the opportunity for creativity is multiplied in these small spaces. It is possible to create more atmosphere and impact with less. And while most people do a great job of creating simmering gardens in confined areas, balconies, rooftops, and courtyards, the greatest […]

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Do It Yourself Yard Projects

By on October 22, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

You can create a lovely landscape design for your home. You really just need some general information and tips to get started. Information is what you will find readily available within this article. Then you can work on achieving your perfect lawn. Use native plants when fixing your yard. Native plants require less maintenance as […]

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How To Repair A Leaking Roof

By on October 19, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Atlanta Roofing Contractor Saves Customer More Than $23,000 Atlanta GA Roofing Contractor, AllSouth Roofing Cont. Saved one customer more than $23,000 by solving the customers Roof leak Problems and NOT installing a new Roof! Rarely do you find a company willing to pass up a profitable piece of work in an attempt to save its […]

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Roofing Contractors St Paul Mn

By on October 16, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

As a St. Paul roofing contractor we know all too well that every year we get a least a few major hailstorms here in the Midwest. Hailstorms are storms that produce hail, which are balls of ice in varying sizes. The largest piece of hail on record is nearly 6” in diameter! A piece of […]

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Do It Yourself Landscaping Ideas

By on October 15, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

I make my living developing layouts for other peoples yards and making it a reality, that’s right I’m a landscaper. Now keep this a secret just between you and I, but my opinion on landscaping is that I don’t think anyone really needs to higher a landscaper they could do the work themselves. Of course […]

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Plants And Shrubs For Landscaping

By on October 14, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

For those landscapers living in a Northern climate, it is essential to consider hardy winter resistant plants and shrubs. The reason behind this is not only so they can continue adding to the beauty of your winter landscape, but also so they will persevere through the winter season and add texture and color in the […]

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What Is The Hip Of A Roof

By on October 13, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Your roof is a much more complex structure than you may realize. A simple layer of shingles is insufficient as a weather barrier, and in most regions of North America the typical house features a roof with several components including water-resistant or waterproof membranes, possibly some builder’s felt, metal flashing, drip edges, and shingles. Because […]

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Your Next House (and Mortgage)

By on October 11, 2015 in Featured, Home Services
Your Next House (and Mortgage)

Whether you’re an adventurous person, a DIY expert or simply a persnickety home buyer, the thought of building your own home might be a thrilling prospect. After all, when you choose to build your own abode, you get to call all the shots. That means you can determine the precise layout, dictate the exact number […]

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Landscape Ideas For Front Of House

By on October 10, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

The following article will give you some good landscaping tips. If you include an outdoor kitchen in your backyard design, consider using granite for counters and other surfaces. There are many different attractive kinds of stone available, but granite provides the best value in terms of durability and low maintenance requirements. Hot cooking utensils will […]

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How To Find A Leak

By on October 8, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Refrigerant gas tracking and management is necessary to assure that no ozone depleting or greenhouse gases escape into the atmosphere and contribute to destructive climate change. EPA Inspectors, governmental regulators, as well as many state officials are responsible for monitoring commercial AC and HVAC systems. They can do spot checks of the refrigerant service records, […]

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How To Fix A Leaking Roof

By on October 5, 2015 in Home Maintainence & Remodeling

Beware of leaking pipes. Have them fixed before they ruin your life!! Leaking pipes when left unchecked create problems which compound into other problems as time pass by. Those leaking pipes increase your water bill and the saddest part of it is the water damage that it brings. These leaks may occur in different parts […]

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