Suffering From Noise Pollution? Perhaps You Need Some Sound Proofing Insulation

When most people think about the benefits of sound proofing, their initial thoughts may spring to a sound recording studio, or maybe even a home theater room in their own home. Somewhere that you can go, get away from it all, and enjoy a movie without disturbing or being disturbed by everyone else in the home. But the reality of modern day lives is that most people need to invest in sound proofing insulation due to their noisy neighbors.

sound-proofing-your-homeOne of the methods that builders and property developers have employed in recent years is to convert a house into smaller flats, enabling them to increase the amount of tenants, and subsequently the rent. However apart from smaller living accommodation, one of the other issues is that the residents are living in much closer proximity to each other.

If you are unfortunate enough to live next to a particularly loud family, then it can get to the stage where it is virtually impossible for you to even watch the television. All you can hear is the noise from next door, whether that be laughter, anger or arguments is totally irrelevant.

One option could be to speak to the neighbors about the situation, but this could be awkward and even confrontational, and so a great way to resolve this problem is to have your property, or maybe even your living room fitted with sound proof insulation.

This may not actually be as expensive as you might imagine, and there are a number of options available to you that can lower the overall cost.

The first thing to do is to invite the installer to come to your property and hear the type and volume of the noise. Certain noise types are easier to minimize than others. For instance, it is likely to be very difficult if not impossible to soundproof your ceiling from the footsteps of the person in the flat above. Any good installer will be more than happy to do a site visit and should also be honest with you regarding the potential success of the installation.

Secondly, you need to be realistic in your expectations. Insulation can certainly assist, but however good the insulation properties of a product, the space the size of a house brick will only be capable of achieving so much.

Ensure you get at the very minimum three quotes from different companies, and see what their opinions are when they do a site visit. Ideally, all the prices would be similar, and they would all give the same answer regarding the success of the installation.

The important thing to do is to try and do something positive. When you walk into your home at the end of a hard and tiring day, you want to be able to kick back and relax. Noise pollution from next door can be very tiresome and frustrating, so if you don’t fancy speaking to the neighbors, and asking them to keep the noise down, at least research the possibility of sound proof installation.


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